meet the team


Christina McBeth


Christina has been passionate about social issues since she was a child and has always liked volunteering. She found food rescue to be the perfect platform to address her desire to help others in a sustainable way, while addressing the food waste issue. A mother of three boys and trained as a Chiropractor, she is happily married and living in Havelock North

marion shakespeare

Produce Coordinator

Marion joined the team in 2017 as a volunteer helping bag potatoes. Fast forward and she is now the produce coordinator and all around back room magician. Any food that comes in or goes out does so under her watchful eye. Never one to be idle, Marion comes to work early and leaves late every single day of the week. 

Jane Crawford

Administrative Coordinator

Jane joined the team in 2018 as a volunteer. Jane's passion for food rescue quickly saw her assume the role of Friday night supervisor, a role she has held for over 3 years, and she is always willing to jump in and help where needed. Jane is Hastings born and bred and has now been back in Hawke's Bay after many years overseas with 2 teenagers.


Nikki Gardner

Sustainability Officer

One of the original members of Nourished for Nil. She grew up in Taupo and moved to Hawke's Bay with her children in 2007. Nikki has spent much of her life trying to do her bit for Mother Earth by composting and recycling. Her dream is to see the throwaway mentality in society replaced with a ‘reuse, recycle, reduce’ outlook.  Being part of Nourished for Nil gives Nikki the opportunity to address the food waste issue in Hawke’s Bay.

Mike shakespeare

Board Chairperson

Mike Shakespeare has been part of the Nourished for Nil team since mid 2017 and the director of the board since 2018. Mike lived in Australia employed as a managing director at Watties and settled back in Hawke’s Bay several years ago. Ever since he has devoted his time and energy to the food rescue group. His expertise and know-how is a highly valued asset to the organisation.


and many more kind-hearted volunteers...



I love that the focus is on sharing food that would normally go to waste. And that N4N can in turn help families and people who may otherwise go without. Bring the two together and MAGIC happens.