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A huge thank you to these sponsors for donating generously during difficult times.


By rescuing and redistributing high quality food we represent a socially conscientious and environmentally aware organisation.

OUR vision

We will deliver a direct benefit to the community through food rescue, to sustainably address climate change on a local level.


Hastings Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri

4.30 - 5.30 pm
(All welcome)

10 - 11 am
(Seniors 65+ only)


1004 Karamu Road


Napier Hours


4 - 5 pm
(All welcome)

30 Cranby Crescent


Please bring a bag or a container...



If you are ashamed of going yourself for this type of handout, think of a neighbour, who is unable to take advantage of Nourished for Nil and go check it out for them.


I saw kids giggling over a cream bun, workmen enjoying a yummy sandwich and some, who hesitated for a long time on the other side of the street, before having the courage to see for themselves.


The volunteers wore gloves when handling food, which was kept cool and fresh in chilly bins. They were LOTS of smiles.

"Spread the good word: this is a wonderful venture.”

1004 Karamu Road


(next to self-serve Gull station)

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