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Why do we need a Social Supermarket?

In New Zealand today, many people live with ongoing food insecurity because they cannot afford to makes ends meet for a variety of reasons. Many are working full time and still struggle to put food on their table, and it can become a vicious cycle. 40% of New Zealanders experience food insecurity in their home at some point over a 12-month period and 19% of our children live in food insecure homes. That means, every week those homes struggle to provide good, nutritious food which is considered a basic human right.


Nourished for Nil social supermarket aims to help alleviate that. Our store is similar to a small 4 Square with shelves stocked with grocery items to ensure a good variety of nutritious food, just like you would find in a normal supermarket. However, the way the social supermarket works is a bit different. In our supermarket each grocery item is allocated a point value rather than a dollar value, so shoppers can spend their point allocation (depends on family size) but shop just like they would in a normal supermarket.

At the point of checkout, food is scanned through and bagged up, and each shopper is then asked to contribute a minimum of $25 towards their shop. This not only helps us to keep the supermarket running, but more than that, it offers dignity to whānau as they are legitimately doing a food shop.

For many families throughout New Zealand, putting enough food on the table each day is a struggle. For some, there is often a tough choice that needs to be made – buy food or pay an essential bill. By supporting families with food using this model, we can remove the need to make that choice by freeing up money for other essentials.

Points System

Single adult is allocated 55 points ($25)

Family of three 65 points ($30)

Family of four 70 points ($40)

Large families are 75 ($45)

Partnership that makes it possible

Foodstuffs North Island is proudly 100% Kiwi-owned and operated. They have partnered with local community organizations to set up and run social supermarkets across the North Island. Each of their social supermarkets is run as a partnership with a focus on strengthening relationships and helping local communities to thrive. 

Store hours and availability

Our store will be open 5 days a week and will be accessible by agency or community connector by referral appointment only. Self-referrals will be considered on a case by case basis. Walk-ins are not accepted as shopping is done using a booking system. Clients can access the supermarket once every 6 weeks for a period of one Year.

Shop hours:
Monday - Friday
9:30am to 12pm


Referral by appointment only

Social Supermarket

47 Edmundson street - Onekawa

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