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We need you to be our social media eyes and ears!

It has been brought to our attention that some people are on-selling (yes selling) food they receive at Nourished for Nil. This is absolutely NOT in the spirit in which we do food rescue. If this happens our ability to receive food donations from businesses, supermarkets and manufacturing may become severely hampered or jeopardized. It is no joke. We are given the food in good faith for FREE, so that it doesn't end up in landfill or being wasted. This does not give anyone license to charge people for it on Facebook or on any other social media platform. Thankfully there are many eyes and ears out in the community who alert us to the people who on-sell and they are stopped quickly. So we ask you our community, to please in respect of all we do every day, keep/enforce the vibe of SHARING food, not selling it. Share it with others. If you see someone taking advantage of our kindness please remind them of the spirit in which it was given. Don't let people buy it, spread the word that N4N food is available to EVERYONE. We want to continue doing this community service as long as there is food going to waste. Thank you ⭐ #foodrescue #ourkaupapa

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