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Sponsor Spotlight: John’s Bakery

Award winning Bakery & Cafe, John’s Bakery, is situated on 358 Heretaunga Street – Hastings.  John van den Berk is the Owner/Operator, and Master Baker who was instrumental in turning this business into the vibrant café and bakery it is today. 

We sat down with John to discuss John’s Bakery’s generous sponsorship of Nourished for Nil.

How did you find out about Nourished for Nil?

There was a pamphlet drop and two lovely ladies dropped in to discuss what Nourished for Nil was working towards.

Where did surplus food go before you began donating to Nourished for Nil?

I have previously donated the surplus food to other groups, but they have all finished up over time.  So, I was currently giving all surplus food to the pigs.

What makes the Nourished for Nil cause so appealing to you?

The fact that the food is going somewhere where it will be appreciated.

How often do you donate to Nourished for Nil?

Every day.

What types of food are you donating?

Pies, rolls, sandwiches and sweets.

What works well with the Nourished for Nil donation process for you?

The volunteers make it very easy – they come to the shop and pick the surplus food up every day at a specified time.  They’re very reliable and always on time, which is important as it wouldn’t work for us if we had to wait around for them.

Do you have any other comments?

It’s great to see the food going to a good cause.  I’m happy to share the surplus with people when I know it’s being appreciated.

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