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Prime Minister Christopher Luxon visits Hawke’s Bay for Horse of the Year

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon popped in to see Horse of the Year, and got a taste of a local social supermarket and up-and-coming tech company in Napier on his way.

Nourished for Nil founder Christina Mcbeth showed the PM around the social supermarket, born of a partnership between the food rescue, Foodstuffs and various local food suppliers.

“We have record numbers of lower middle income working New Zealand using food banks across the country,” Luxon said.

He said growing the economy was essential to getting the public services people desperately wanted.

His next stop was Onekawa, where tech company Red Phase is based making powerful high-capacity EV vehicle chargers.

“We are a government that wants to double the amount of renewable electricity in this country, we want to make sure we get more embracing electric vehicles up and down the country,” Luxon said.

“It is exciting to see a tech company taking it to the world and conceiving of a global business from Napier.”

When questioned on whether he believed Hawke’s Bay was poor or in recession right now, he said Hawke’s Bay had a “tremendous” future ahead of it.

“I think it has got a major set of cylinders that can drive its economic engine incredibly well. Businesses like this around tech and energy are a good example of that but we also have got more traditional sectors like horticulture which we want to see bouncing back and making a contribution.”

He said the government was focused on growing the national economy through exports and Hawke’s Bay would play a key part in that. In the afternoon, Luxon went to the Tōmoana Showgrounds near Hastings for the final day of Horse of the Year, where he met with young attendees, NZ Riding for the Disabled representatives and spoke for the prizegiving ceremony.

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