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Nourished for Nil and food bank join forces

The Napier Community Food Bank is merging with Hastings-based food rescue organisation Nourished for Nil in what may be a first for the country, says Nourished for Nil founder Christina McBeth and Napier food bank trustee Ken Simons.

The award-winning food waste scheme is in its sixth year and has teamed up with the food bank in what the pair say is a massive win-win.

"The penny dropped mid-way through last year. The food bank is spending a lot of money each month on food and we thought, let's work smarter."

Christina says they are addressing this from a much more sustainable angle.

"Nobody thinks food waste is a good idea. The food was going to be thrown out anyway so we are helping make an impact on the waste stream. It makes sense to merge."

But for these two organisations to combine forces, they need a building. They are appealing to any landlords who may have premises, ideally in the Taradale or Onekawa industrial area, around 250-300 square metres. Their search has so far been fruitless.

"It's hard to find premises but we are confident the right place will come up. We need something with off-street parking which can also accommodate trucks," Ken says.

The pair aims to have a unified front, with the Napier food bank operating within the umbrella of Nourished for Nil.

"We will be working with an organisation which is already so well received within our community. Having an increased presence in Napier will also give us more public food distribution options."

There will also be less double handling as there will be storage facilities in their new building.

"We are hoping for greater access and variety of food for parcels. And the community can now support two organisations. This is a kind of prototype and may be the forerunner of future mergers," Ken says.

Nourished for Nil collects food from all major supermarkets, cafes, caterers, growers and private donations. They operate in Napier out of the Turning Point Church in Cranby Cres on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5pm. During the traffic light red setting, they are offering pre-made parcels for collection only.

"It'll also be beneficial with applications for grants. We hope to be a one-stop-shop for food resilience and have a bigger pool to reach more people. By intercepting food waste, we can put more into the community. The moment is right for this merger to take place. We are really excited," Christina says.

If you can help please contact Christina or Ken about the premises email and To see the article click here

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